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Welcome to the Internet relay Chat section of the GaySA website!
If you want to search for some info on a person, just type in the nick or the first couple of letters in the search box and our database will bring back all the closest matches. You can obviously only find info on those that have registered their nicks with this database. There is plenty of information in these pages, so whether you are new to Internet Relay Chat or an old hat at chattin' there will surely be something here of interest to you! Enjoy! Please direct your IRC "queeries" to

Connection to the #gaysa channel
1 First read the instructions below then click CHAT
2 On the chat login screen, fill in your details and connect to #hottub
3 When connected, type in /join #gaysa and press 'Enter'.
4 You should now be connected to the #gaysa channel.


Nick Search

IRC Nickname:

Add Nick To add your nick, click here go!
Queries Any other queries can be mailed to
About A overview and history. go!
Software Clients and Scripts to get you chatting. go!
How to A crash course in IRC'ing go!
Nicknames How to register your nick and the ACC go!
Netiquette General code of conduct on servers/channels go!
Server List List of South African IRC servers. go!
IRC Dictionary Common IRC 'Lingo" and the smiley list. go!
Related Links
#gaysa on Lagnet All you need to know about #gaysa. go!
#gaysa on ZAnet All you need to know about #gaysa. go!
#gayfriends A new chat channel go! The South African IRC resource site. go!
ZAnet Gaspode's ZAnet IRC site. go!
mIRC Pages The website of this popular Client. go!
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