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To be able to chat on an IRC network, you have to have a program called a "client'. There are quite a few chat clients out there for various operating systems. Before you download one of these programs, make sure you are aware of which operating system you have.
The most popular clients for Windows are mIRC and for the Apple Mac, Ircle is the most common one. Just click on a client name to download. The scripts that you see below are add-ons that add extra features to your chat client, they are all fun, popup scripts, We DO NOT endorse War or Flood scripts. Anyone caught using these on the network faces being banned and even in some cases, their internet connection being permanently terminated. Until you are familiar with IRC, installing scripts is not advisable.

mIRC 16 For Windows 3x go!
mIRC 32 For Windows 95/NT go!
IRCLe For Apple Macintosh go!
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