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mIRC 32

Version: 5.82

: 1 mb

Type of software:


Minimum requirements:

Windows 95/NT

mIRC Now!

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mIRC 32 is an excellent and very popular IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. For finding channels that suit your interest out of the thousands available, mIRC has very strong filtering and searching functions. You can even hide offensive or annoying channel names and discussion topics. All areas of the program are intuitively designed, including the user manager for storing information about other IRC users, the switchbar for managing DCC transfers and open conversations, and the channel and topic areas.

Features include: fast screen writing and smooth text scrolling; full DCC (Direct Client to Client) file send and get capabilities; colored text lines for easy reading; aliases; a fully programmable CTCP (Client To Client Protocol) commands and events handler; web support; sound support; programmable function keys; configurable popup menus; simple aliases; a Unix-style finger command; full color configurability; DCC flood protection; and more.

This new release offers an auto-tile option, a pop-up color index, text search, improved flood protection, nick completion (which saves keystrokes), more advanced scripting options, several bug fixes and the option to run as a System Tray icon.
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