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Women who love women and those that love them. From the days of Sappho to modern times, there has been very few things as erotic to everyone as the love two women can share with each other. All to often stereotypes abound which are often so untrue and twisted. Lesbian women are remarkable people and often demonstrate an insight and strength that is both enviable and admirable. Below are a few articles of Lesbian Interest sent into us and sourced from various public resources. As always we would welcome any contributions from anyone. Swing Out Sister!

Lesbian History A time line through history's remarkable women who love women. (File Size 90kb!) go!
Lexicon Irreverent definitions of Lesbian life go!
Lesbian 'Net What waits out there for CyberDykes? go!
Out or.. Out is one decision, everyday is many more go!
Mating Game I think I am therefore I am you! go!
Stereotypes? Some Lesbians love labels, some don't... go!
Dating The difficulties and pleasures, the courage. go!
My Outing A Women's humour-filled OUT story go!
Why Out? One Woman's reasons for coming out go!
Lesbian Health Lesbian Safer Sex. Think about the risks go!
Lesbian Health The politics of Breast Cancer go!
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I belong to that section of the class that makes the upper of the class possible. (Julius Cohen)