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Issues & Advice
Coming Out
Coming Out
The process of coming out is a very trying time both mentally and physically. At least in this day and age we have the opportunity to come out. Homosexual acceptance is now widespread. In South Africa, homosexuality has been decriminalized and the rights of homosexuals have been enshrined in the constitution. However, no law, no act of parliament can make the process easier. We still live in a stigmatized world. We hope and trust that these pages will help you to come out, not for anyone else, but for the the knowledge and satisfaction of you knowing that you have been true to yourself. A burden lifted and a life with new possibilities.

The Durban Lesbian and Gay Community and Health Centre has just launched a 'Coming Out Booklet'. It is a valuable resource guide that assists people when coming out of the closet.
For more information call .

Introduction An introduction to 'coming out' go!
The Process The process of 'coming out' go!
Self Acceptance The most important part of 'coming out' go!
Gay I think I might be gay go!
Lesbian I think I might be lesbian go!
Parents 'Coming' out to your parents go!
Colleague Supporting a colleague who is 'coming out' go!
Coming out to other gays 'Coming out' to other gays and lesbians go!
Coming out to nongay people Often a very difficult thing to do go!
Rationale The educational rationale of 'coming out' go!
Politics The politics of 'coming out' go!
Suggestions More suggestions on 'coming out' to non-gay people, family and friends go!
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C O A S OUT! Excellent site on 'coming out and staying out!' go!
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