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Coming Out
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Coming Out

The politics of Coming Out

Though these pages, we have discussed the educational implications of coming out for the non-gay recipients of that information. Coming out also involves our standing up and being counted. Individuals who are struggling to accept their own gay identities have increasingly diverse and visible role models. Stereotypes become less and less convincing as more of us stand out in the crowd. The gay and lesbian community, as its numbers become more visible, cannot and will not be written off as a small and freakish sector of society. Already political leaders in a number of cities have indicated that they see and hear us and desire our votes. Our visibility has created the protection of our human rights - - the right to a job, the right to a place to live, the right to love whomever we choose, the right to be ourselves, the right to speak the truth, and ultimately the right to live in a free country without fear. Be proud to be a South African, because we live in country where we can be proud to be Gay, Bi, Lesbian or Transgender and our country is proud of us for being who we are.

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If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing badly. (G.K. Chesterton)