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Section 4

Client-To-Client Protocol (CTCP)

Client-To-Client Protocol is a relationship between two clients without the servers coming into play. There are a variety of CTCP commands, and many of them are incorporated into scripts, which you can read about on the scripts page. Since there are a lot of CTCP commands and many of them aren't standard from one client to the next, I'm not going to discuss too many of them. However, I will give brief descriptions of a few. Please note the format for almost all CTCP commands:

Format: /CTCP [nickname] [command] [arguments (if any)]
Example: /CTCP TammyF Finger

Here are all the CTCP commands in the client I am running with a small description of each:

"ACTION -- Low Level Version of /me

"PING -- Used in the Ping Command - Gives Lag time to a nick
"CLIENTINFO -- Checks Client server information on a nick
"TIME -- Gives current time for a nick
VERSION -- Gives either the Client version, or script version for a nick
"USERINFO -- Returns whatever variable a person puts in his/her USER_INFORMATION variable.
"ECHO -- asks a remote client to return whatever text you sent to it.
"FINGER -- Attempts to show real name and idle time for a nick

Section 5

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