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Issues surrounding the topic of homosexuality have sparked emotional debate all over the world. In South Africa, homosexuality is no longer a crime and the rights of homosexuals have been enshrined in the new constitution ( see politics ). Homosexuality has become a mainstay for radio and television talk shows and is addressed now more than ever in casual conversation.

This section of the Gay South Africa web site is designed to address common questions about homosexuality, and to discuss the misconceptions and stereotypes that are all too often portrayed as fact.

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The Origins of Sexual Orientation
  • What causes homosexuality? Is it a choice?
  • Is homosexuality a psychological problem or mental illness?
  • Is homosexuality brought about by poor parenting or a lack of religious beliefs?
  • Is homosexuality caused by abuse, or a bad experience with someone of the opposite sex?
  • Can homosexuality be cured?
The Gay Lifestyle
  • What is the gay lifestyle?
  • How many gay people are there?
  • Aren't gay people obsessed with sex?
  • Aren't homosexuals promiscuous?
  • Are homosexuals miserable, lonely people?
  • Are lesbians radical feminist man-haters?
  • Why do gay people flaunt their sexuality? Why don't they just keep it private?
  • What gay people do in bed is disgusting and perverted!
Homosexuality, Children, & Family Values
  • Are homosexuals more likely to molest children?
  • Don't homosexuals recruit children and seduce naive adults?
  • Why is it important to educate our youth about homosexuality?
  • If my child is exposed to homosexuality, is he/she more likely to become gay or lesbian?
  • Are children of gay and lesbian parents more likely to be gay, and have more emotional or social problems?
  • Aren't homosexuals opposed to family values?
Civil Rights & Marriage
  • What is the gay agenda?
  • Why are so many gay people involved in Civil Rights Issues?
  • Why should we grant civil rights protection on the basis of behavior?
  • Don't homosexuals want special rights?
  • How can gays claim to be discriminated against in employment, when they have higher than average incomes?
  • Why do gays want the legal right to marry? Why don't they just live together?
  • Can't same-sex couples obtain legal benefits without being married?
  • Tradition dictates that marriage is a union between a man and a women, for the purpose of raising children.
  • Won't granting homosexuals the right to marry devalue heterosexual marriage?
  • If gays and lesbians are allowed to marry, where will it end?
  • Isn't homosexuality abnormal or unnatural; After all they can't have children
Homosexuality & Religion
  • Doesn't the Bible condemn homosexuality?
  • But my church teaches, and I believe, that homosexuality is morally wrong.
  • If gay marriage were legal, wouldn't that force my church to perform same-sex marriages?
  • Are gay people religious people?
  • AIDS is Gods punishment for homosexuality.
  • Who are these anti-gay organizations, and what are their goals?
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