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The story of Gay South Africa is an interesting one. This site was a little idea in the heads of two guys that met at an IRC party. The two in mention were Remillard and prodig-E, aka Avi Miller and Stephen H.

We originally envisaged a site that was predominantly an IRC channel site, maybe with a few more interesting sections but being young dreamers we undertook a project that was to become a huge resource site, one that has garnered us awards from around the globe.

To undertake a site that broadly represented the South African LesBiGay community is no easy feat. Late nights, cold pizza and caffeine overdoses.

So with the help of two people Stanton Miller and Jean Ryninks, who believed in us and put up ridiculous amounts of capital for us to get started, Web.Xperts & Gay South Africa Interactive was born. Ian Van Schalkwyk came aboard and then we set about putting a site together. A learning curve it was. Anyway, on February 14th at 5.30 in the morning, Avi switched the default pages over and from there the world could see all.

We went on to mirror the Nifty Archives and at one stage this site was getting close on 10.000 (yes TEN thousand hits a day!) It was ridiculous, our poor server, PINKY, managed to cope though. Those that have visited this site a few times before will remember how many times it has been rewritten. What you see here now is hopefully a great improvement on the last one.

Anyway, a few names that need a mention here are Shawn Homann, who contributed quite a bit to previous versions, Georgia Daniels for typing up huge amounts of text, Alain for saving Stephen from hari-kiri by helping solve annoying JavaScript problems, but most of all the #GaySA IRC channel chatters who inspired this site (Banba, Andromeda, Agent, Joop, Mickey, Beulah, Redox, Stewy, Fuzzie, SpeedFrk, SyZyGy and all the rest...) and to the Gay Bi and Lesbian community of South Africa who gave us the motivation and the pride to keep it going from strength to strength.

In Pride, Love, Respect and Unity
The Gay South Africa Interactive Team!


Contributions for this site were received and used from:

The National Coalition for Gay And Lesbian Equality go!
Exit Newspaper and Gavin Heyward go!
The people on ZAnet IRC channel #GaySA go!
The Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Trans and Straight people of Southern Africa go!
They said...
Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. (Don Marquis)