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Cape Town Luxury Suites, Hotel and Self Catering Accommodation
Your one stop computer shop
Understanding the needs of same sex celebrations
Fastest-acting and longest-lasting herbal sexual enhancer

Your one stop computer shop!
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Pros & Cons


Our rates are extremely reasonable. When you consider the cost of reaching just one customer through other channels, the cost of sponsoring Gay South Africa Interactive is quite a bargain. The demographics are clear, and unlike other know they saw your ad.


Like our current sponsors, you should experience an increase in brand awareness, quite a few more hits to your web page and more bookings at your guest house . A lot depends upon your ad. How compelling is it? Is it something that our audience wants?


Optional image areas -- 60 by 468 pixels (Main Banner), or 31 by 88 pixels (Micro-Button) -- providing effective message and logo display to attract visitors to your home page.


We limit sponsors to a number which can be "cycled" in sequence with other sponsors. Cycling of Sponsorship Images means less "drop out" impressions on the same visit -- and visitor. Yet repetition is retained (Typical 4 impressions per visit). Constant rotation creates more readership and reduces "tune-out". Quantity banner sponsors may have "custom" rotations which accelerate their numbers of impressions, or "prioritize" their impressions above the standard rate.



This is not television or radio. No full on cabaret (yet!) It is the frontier of Internet Web based Advertising. You get a billboard and it's up to you to make the message compelling enough to click on! What happens after that is up to you. The absolute best we can do is make sure people see your ad. Qualifications and Sales must take place after these visitors arrive at your Site. Ultimately, the visitor traffic will depend upon the appeal of your product or service to a broad demographic.
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The internet is so big, so powerful and so pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life. (Andrew Brown)