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Keeping fit, staying healthy and looking good seems to be the order of the day for most gay men and women. Nutrition and a healthy regimen ensure a good state of being and a more relaxed lifestyle. The well-toned male body is beautiful, and make no mistake about it, if you go to the gym regularly, you can improve
your physical health while enjoying the scenery! If you already work out, then great. If not, consider the importance of
regular exercise, and be sure to see your Doctor before you undertake any major exercise program. With so many new diets, exercise machines and one-step wonders around, you could be forgiven for thinking the world has gone fitness mad. Unfortunately we don't have any exercises for you to do while staring at this screen ( well, maybe one or two...) but hopefully some of these articles and links will inspire you.

New Sports Group Launches....

November saw a small group of South African sportsmen and women participate in the Sydney 2002 Gay Games VI. Although the group was successful in bringing back loads of medals, this is only part of the spirit of the Games, but rather also one of participation as compared to competition. A point lost I think for many members of the community, who believe that one must have come from a compeitive background and be "really good", nonsence its about a love of sport and culture and a want to be involved in the largest gay and lesbian event in the world, whether you do it well or not, its about being there and participation !!!

The best part about the group was the large number of new participants as compared to Amsterdam, back in 1998. This was especially remarkable since most gay and lesbian sportsclubs seem to have all but fallen by the way side in the past 4 years. One only has to look at many of the gyms and sportsclubs around South Africa, to know that there are a great deal of gay men and women to partake in sport at some level. This is however not reflected in the small number of South African participants in Sydney !!!

And hence the birth of a new interactive e-mail distribution group called Gay Sport in SA. It is NOT another organisation or society, but rather a distribution list based on Yahoo Groups, where sportsmen and women or those who love sport and training, can come together to chat and interact about whats happening in the gay and lesbian sportsworld, both locally and internationally. The group hopes to strongly promote the Gay Games Montreal 2006 and encourage more participants (by starting to plan now), but also simply to connect like-minded people in one forum. The group does not intend to replace any existing organisation, aligning with or opposing any, nor supporting any one sport over another, but rather to work with all groups to promote gay and lesbian sport across South Africa. Whether it be aerobics, swimming, tennis, running, ballroom dancing, hockey, volleyball.... we can all learn about and from one another ....

To join simply mail to become a member.


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