Lesbian & Gay Equality Project

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The Lesbian & Gay Equality Project (formerly the National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality) is a voluntary association of more than 74 lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gendered organisations in South Africa. Formed in December 1994, the Coalition lobbied successfully for the retention of sexual orientation as one of the grounds of non-discrimination in the Constitution. The Coalition is mandated to work for legal and social equality for its members. Its work includes law reform, lobbying, litigation, advocacy, employment equity, leadership training and development. Major policy interventions have been successfully undertaken by the Coalition notably on the issues of employment; decriminalisation of same-sex conduct; legal framework for the removal of unfair discrimination in schools.

The LGEP also operates a free advice service through the Gay and Lesbian Legal Advice Centre.
We would be happy to answer any other further queries that you may have.

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