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Tattoos and Pain
Does it hurt?

It's the first question on everyone's mind, especially when noticing a tattoo on someone else. According to most sources, the answer is yes. Any time a needle pierces the skin, it hurts.

Perhaps the better question is: "How much does it hurt, and can I handle it?"

Those who've lived through the procedure report that the pain is often not as intense as they had imagined. The pain comes from the cluster of needles on the tattoo gun piercing the skin rapidly. This sensation, however, is less like an injection and more like a continuing vibration. To help counter the pain, the brain releases endorphins which make the vibration a bit more bearable.

Of course, the pain varies upon the place and type of tattoo. In areas where skin is close to bone, (for example, the ankle), the pain can be more acute. In addition, certain types of needles hurt more than others. Some feel that needles used for outlining produce a sharper, more intense pain, while needles used for shading feel more like an electrical buzz with less pain.

Also remember that the amount of pain in the experience will depend on your own tolerance and psychological attitude.

NOTE: Do not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs for pain relief purposes prior to your tattoo sessions. Both aspirin and alcohol thin your blood and promote excessive bleeding.
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