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Master Manual
About The Master's Manual
A Handbook of Erotic Dominance

Does domination of another turn you on? Or do you dream of submitting to the lord or lady of your life? There aren't many resources to get you started, or keep you going. Here's the complete resource on SM that is safe, fun, and responsible.

The Master's Manual, by Jack Rinella, examines various aspects of erotic dominance, including SM, safety, sex, erotic power, techniques, and much more. Even if you're into submission rather than domination, this book will give you insights that will lead you to a more fulfilling sexuality.

The book is written clearly, frankly, and without judgement so that any man or woman, regardless of sexual orientation, can find the info they need to make their dreams come true.

About the Book:
199 pages, paperback, published by Daedalus Press
L.C. 93-74629
$14.95/ R100 ZAR

2.What is Leather?
3.The Making of a Master
4.What We Really Need Is an Education
5.Reflections on a Scene
6.Why SM?
7.The Goals of Leathersex
8.Why Am I Doing This to Him? Sade's Not Into Leather
10.Ideas for a Master's Manual
11.A Natural Sense of Balance
12.Leather Lit 101
13.Sometimes Master, Sometimes Slave
14.The Question of Equality
15.Making It More Than Interesting
16.It's a Matter of Trust
17.The Thin Layer of Civilization
19.Slavery -- Now That Says It All
20.How to Be Your Master's Best Boy
21.Reality Therapy
22.Rope, Whips, and Other Dangers
23.Scenes That Go Wrong
24.What's in a Top's Toy Bag?
25.Serious Leather and Large Toys
26.Dungeons and Playrooms
27.All Tied Up
28.Here's a Topic
29.Spare the Rod, Spoil the Slave?
30.Those Two Points of Pleasure
31.It's Not the Clothespins
32.Pain & the Leather Lifestyle
33.Finding a Boy
34.Contracts and Commitments
35.Verbal Abuse
36.So What Are You Into?
37.I Went to the Opera Instead
39.So You're a Top
40.What Do We Do Next?

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