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Fetish Fantasies in Cyberspace
by Heather Shirkey

Have you been a naughty child? Perhaps it's time for me to teach you a lesson or two. Although whips, chains and leather have gained the most popularity and infamy, they are not the only fetishes to be explored. Submit to a cyberjourney of all your fetishistic fantasies and fears. Your Web Mistress, Geek Grrrl, will whip you into shape, my cyberslave.

Let's start at the top of it all with "The Mustache Page." ( Facial hair reigns supreme on this minimalist page. The site lacks a lot of layering, so load time is short, which is critical when a fast track to the good stuff is desired. And getting to the good stuff is exactly what you will do, as the site features a photographic collection of mustache-sporting men engaging in an interesting array of oral activities.

For those of you who prefer not to see the mustache, or even the face of your fetish partner, what better way to conceal it than with a well- crafted hood or gas mask? "The Rubber Fetish Site" () stretches fetish beyond the limits. One can virtually experience the sensation of near-affixiation and savor the feeling of tight-fitting rubber, clinging to your clammy skin. The site offers a peek at disturbingly powerful playwear, like polished black rubber unisuits and silver-clasped survival gear. Be sure to slink over to the other content areas, including: personals, rubber-related stories, slimy play (where rubber and glycerin meet), and a list of other hot sites.

Now that you've got the look down, it's time to assume the position!

Of course, it is critical that my little cyberslaves have the right playmates, but who wants to spend time searching when you're tied up with other things? Well, if furry toys are your game, then get out of hibernation and visit the virtual den of "The Bears of San Francisco." ( A calendar of local events, a list of clubs, and a collection of the Bears of San Francisco member homepages populate the site. You can also link off to more fetishistic Web pages, like "Chubnet" ( and the free "Find-a-Bear" personals ( To find a Cyberdate check out PassionDates, the Online dating personals for singles.

Now I ask you, my little cyberslave, what's the fun in playing if you don't have any toys?

Shop in the privacy of your own cyberdungeon with "Faboo." ( The collection ranges from traditional leather, to an array of toys for girls and boys, to a special kitsch collection. Browsing and shopping are easy in this well-organized, clean fetish toy store.

Another cyber hotspot where you get geared up for your raucous recess is "Good Vibrations" ( A San Francisco institution, the Good Vibrations site allows you to ride the digital waves right into ecstasy with online browsing and shopping for toys, treats and the most appropriate reading material. And if passing your credit card number through cyberspace is a concern, you can order via phone, fax, or mail.

Just remember, as you travel through cyberfetishes, it's your chance to explore. What better way to experience all your desires than on the Web: playground extraordinaire for all your fantasies, fetishes and fun.

They said...
Modesty is the hope that other people will discover by themselves how wonderful we really are. (aldo Camarotta)

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