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The community that we have is a strong one. Through years of being vilified and being prosecuted for being "the love that dare not speak it's name" we have managed to develop a strong sense of community. The interesting thing is that we have also within that umbrella, diversified into various other communities that have been more akin to our tastes and preferences. We have also through the years been lucky to have developed some great resources. It is now easier to 'come out' find new friends and the like. Thanks to a great constitution we can now proudly be who we are - legally, we can be proud of us, the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender community of South Africa. "Hakuna matata my dear!"

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A rendezvous for (primarily) South African gay men living with HIV/AIDS who are in need of a forum to discuss all aspects and treatments of the HIV condition, meet new POSITIVE (both in virus and mental status) friends and generally be themselves.

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